FILM INCOMPANY – founded in 2011 by Petra van Horssen- specializes in film marketing. Together with our clients we develop marketing and distribution strategies. We also provide the implementation of a release plan and campaign. FILM INCOMPANY does research and gives advice for the acquisition of films and projects, both during production and distribution (Cinema, DVD and VOD), for research and acquisitions. Our approach

Our approach

Filmmakers put a lot of love, money and time in the production of a film. From the first idea to a script, from script to film and from purchase to distribution is a process that takes years. It goes without saying presenting the film to the public should also be done with ultimate care. To properly campaign a film you need the same love for the product and knowledge of film and the film industry.

Not every film has a large audience – but every film deserves its audience, either at the movies, at a festival or at home. Working with FILM INCOMPANY is always tailor made. In consultation with you we develop your marketing and distribution strategy. FILM INCOMPANY has an extensive network for additional services such as design, writing and editing, visual and online productions. Also for temporary extension of your team, for specific projects or for advice you can approach FILM INCOMPANY. Please call or email us to make an appointment.

About Petra van Horssen

At ABC Theatrical Distribution – Cinemien Petra Horssen was responsible for the marketing of all theatrical and DVD releases. She was project leader for the launch of the film portal Cinemalink.tv and build up her vast expertise in VOD and online marketing. Before Cinemien Petra worked as a publicist for The Publicity Company, responsible for the handling of publicity for film distributors, producers and festivals. Petra Horssen studied film and television studies at the University of Amsterdam. She studied strategic communication at the University of Utrecht at the faculty for communication and journalism. She did the International Marketing & Distribution Course at the Media Business School in Malaga.